Sunday, April 26, 2009

Try and Try again

You know it's spring when the fields are dry and the teams are out day and night. Rugby seems to be my game of interest these days. What do those weird rugby words really mean.
Try - A try is scored when the ball is touched down behind the try line but in front of the dead ball line, called the in-goal area. It is worth five points, and the player scoring it must have control of the ball and apply downward pressure to it.

Conversion - After a try is scored the team that scored it can attempt to win two bonus points. A player tries to kick the ball from the ground between the posts, if they do it's worth two points.

Grubber - A kick along the ground that bounces awkwardly and is difficult to pick up or control

Tackle - When a defending player stops a player with the ball from running any further with it. They wrap their arms around the opposition player and bring them to the ground. They must tackle them below the chest.

Maul - If a player is tackled but doesn't fall to the ground, then other players are allowed to try and use their arms to steal the ball from them. This is called mauling

Scrum - If the play stops for a minor offence a scrum often restarts play. Both sets of forwards bind together and crouch down, leaning against each other. The scrum half from team that DIDN'T break the rules throws the ball into the scrum. The team throwing the ball in should win it back every time.

- If the ball goes out of play along side of the pitch play is restarted from a lineout. Both sets of forwards line up a metre apart and the hooker from the team who DIDN'T kick the ball out of play throws it in. In most cases the team throwing in should win the lineout

Ruck - If a player is tackled and falls to the ground he has to let go of the ball. Other players will then try and win the ball for their team. They do this by using their boots to drag the ball back to their team-mates, called rucking.

Call - Another way of saying which team is throwing the ball into a line out. The thrower will shout a code that tells his teammates who is throwing the ball too

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