Thursday, January 1, 2009

Seasons of Time

The first page in this wonderful magazine my best friend gave me for Christmas had these amazing words...
'I was thinking the other day how like a magic wand a camera can be. Like a wizard, a photographer can point a camera at something and stop time, capturing a moment forever - or even more powerfully, transform what it sees into something totally unrecognizable.'
It made think of these three photos. Just by my house is this little walking bridge. It crosses not a river or a stream but more of a run off of water. Most people look at this running water as nothing special it's just a trickle of water separating the little sports centre island from the city. However what I see is an amazing view. Natural beauty in the middle of the city. As you can see I have stood on that little bridge and photographed fall, summer and yesterday I caught winter.
When the sun melts the snow and the trees start to bud I will know that spring has come. At that time I will walk once again to that bridge and finish my collection of Seasons of Time.

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